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The Story of Janey & Fletcher

Puppy training with Logan in Didsbury



I'm Janey and next to me is my dog Fletcher, the Fox Red Labrador and he is one of the reason I got into dog training. When I got Fletcher, I wanted to give him the best training possible, so that we could both enjoy our lives together, doing all the things I love (big runs, going to the pub, having friends round and going to new places). So, I needed to train him and expose him to lots of new things in order to have that life we dreamed together. 

BUT, jeez Louise the internet is a lot!

Conflicting advice, harsh training methods and no simple plans to just follow step by step.

So, I trained myself and became a certified 'force free' dog trainer through 'The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers' who are the leading education provider for Dog Trainers. I decided to develop my own style of training that broke everything down into simple, manageable and fun training plans.

I specialise in puppies and young dogs to ensure they get the best start to their life by giving effective training, mental stimulation & breed-specific jobs so that you can both lead the life you imagined together and understand your dogs' needs better.

My approach to training is to first understand the 'Why?'

Why is our dog barking at night?

Why does my dog not have good recall?

Why does my dog chew everything?


Once we know the 'why' we can more effectively and empathetically work out the 'how' to resolve the root cause of any problem.

Happy dog, happy human, happy life. Let's work together and unleash the happiness!

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