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The 8 Week Puppy Plan 

I help humans give their pups the best start to their life, with tailored training plans that breaks everything down into manageable steps so can lead the life you imagined together. Happy dog, Happy Human! 

Let's work together and unleash the happiness!


Half Price Summer Sale Now On 


This plan is for you if you're...

  • New to puppy parenthood and want to give your puppy the right training early on? (so it doesn't end up like your mum's biting beagle!)

  • Struggling to navigate ALL the conflicting online advice of puppy training & just need some personalised 1--2-1 help from an qualified expert?

  • Feeling the puppy blues because your adorable pooch is in fact much harder work than you thought? (we've all been there, don't stress!) 

  • Overwhelmed with what training to do first, how much to do, when to do it, are you doing it right? 

  • Just want the reassurance that you are doing the right things, so you don’t need to listen to the so-called ‘dog experts’ in the park.

  • Want a happy, well trained puppy that allows you to live the life you imagine together. (Peaceful pints and puppucinos in the pub garden)

Together we will...

  • Work on a personalised training plan that fits around your life and works around your schedule.

  • Stop you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed and start to enjoy the process of training your puppy & creating that lifelong bond.

  • Give your puppy the best training possible and give you the confidence that you know exactly what to do. 

  • Have fun & keep on track to achieve your puppy training milestones!


What do you get...

  • Kick off call  - Make you sure you're prepared & ready for your puppy, take you through the plan & book in our sessions (30mins zoom)

  • The 8 week puppy plan - Your online plan breaks out the training into weekly manageable sections, with videos to watch and simple exercises you can try even if you have just 5mins every day. Progress your way through week by week in bitesized chunks.
    This is your training bible for life!


  • 4x 1hr private sessions with me, a qualified trainer at your home.
    I'll come to you or your local park and work on the areas you want help with. This 1-2-1 session is to give you
     personalised support on whatever you want and ensures your pup get the most out of training without being distracted by other puppies or environments. 

  • WhatsApp Support - Got a burning question or want to share a video with me, then just WhatsApp. I am on hand to keep you motivated, on track for success & to celebrate the training wins together! 

What does it cost?

The price for this plan is usually £400 but in June, I’m offering all this for just £250 


But what’s the catch I hear you say?

There isn’t one.


Because I’ve just launched this new plan, I'm looking to get some feedback on the platform in return for an awesome 50% discount.   

Limited places available, so drop me a message if you're interested 

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