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Hello and welcome to Make Fetch Happen Dog Training!

I'm Janey and next to me is my dog Fletcher, the Fox Red Labrador and he is one of the reason I got into dog training.

I am a certified 'force free' dog trainer who specialises in puppies and young dogs to ensure they get the best start to their life by giving effective training, mental stimulation & breed-specific jobs so that you can both lead the life you imagined together and understand your dogs' needs better.

Let's work together and unleash the happiness!



 Client reviews 

''Janey shares a lot of advice and tips throughout the sessions that help you in your general day to day training with your puppy, with things such as; mental stimulation, praising your puppy, touch, using key words and retrieving items.
Janey has spent a lot of time working with me to train Arlo with loose lead walking and recall, also helping and supporting me in building my confidence in these areas too.
Arlo loves our training sessions and it’s so great to have an honest, reliable and experienced trainer who is always there to help. Janey offers ongoing communication outside of sessions which helps to ensure you are following the right steps and most of all celebrate your achievements together!''

Arlo the Labradoodle

Chloe the human 

Goldendoodle puppy training in Manchester
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